Daily Media Digest November 3, 2020

Why our immune system might be better at fighting COVID-19 than we think
“… Dalhousie University and virologist at the Canadian Center for Vaccinology evaluating Canadian vaccines with the VIDO-InterVac lab in Saskatoon.”
TAGS: COVID-19, immune system, public health, VIDO-InterVac

Coronaviruses and Vaccine Design – A Conversation With Jason Kindrachuk
Technology Networks
“VIDO-InterVac is also testing the use of adjuvants for this vaccine. Protein subunit vaccines tend to not generate the same immune response activation …”
TAGS: COVID-19, coronaviruses, vaccine development, University of Manitoba, VIDO-InterVac

U of C study finds women suffered more during first months of COVID isolation with anxiety …
“A University of Calgary study examining sleep, empathy and mood during the first few months of isolation due to COVID-19 has found that women …”
TAGS: COVID-19, women’s health, isolation, anxiety, mental health, University of Calgary

A team effort to help protect healthcare workers
Queen’s Gazette
“A team of Queen’s and Kingston community partners are working together to help provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.”
TAGS: COVID-19, personal protective equipment, healthcare workers, Queen’s University

Researchers take a new approach to improve widely used biotechnology tool
Yorkton This Week
“Dr. Sui-lam Wong, with the University of Calgary, and Dr. Kenneth Ng, a Professor at the University of Windsor and Adjunct Professor at the University …”
TAGS: biotechnology, diagnostic test, laboratory technologies, health discoveries, University of Calgary