Daily Media Digest November 3, 2021

Can inhaled corticosteroids alleviate early symptoms of COVID-19? | McGill University Health Centre
McGill University Health Centre
“… the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) in Montreal, in collaboration with scientists from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, …”
TAGS: COVID-19, pandemic, symptom management, corticosteroids, Sunnybrook Health Sciences, RI-MUHC

McMaster researchers study the causes of ‘Long COVID’ – CHCH
“Scientists at McMaster University are conducting research on the long-term effects some patients suffered from after they recovered from COVID-19.”
TAGS: COVID-19, pandemic, long COVID, long-term effects, McMaster University

Sask. researchers see downward trends in COVID-19 wastewater testing | CBC News
“Researchers from the University of Regina have been surveying the wastewater streams in that city for the virus which causes COVID-19.”
TAGS: COVID-19, pandemic, wastewater testing, viral load, University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan

New vaccinations a possible ‘game changer’ for women with recurrent urinary tract infections …
Calgary Journal
“But the Health Canada and Queen’s University early clinical practice experience study offers hope. “That’s probably the single most exciting thing …”
TAGS: vaccination, women’s health, UTI, Queen’s University

Van donation assists cancer patients needing treatment – Steinbachonline.com
Steinbach Online
“Canadian Cancer Society owns the van,” explains Keith Unger of the Bethesda Foundation. “With our donation, there was one stipulation, we did want to …
TAGS: cancer, access to care, chemotherapy, treatment, Canadian Cancer Society

Four UCalgary researchers honoured for excellence in biomechanics, epilepsy and carbon …

University of Calgary
“The University of Calgary researchers were honoured with four awards, including one given to Dr. Walter Herzog, PhD, as the Researcher of the Year …”
TAGS: biomechanics, awards, epilepsy, innovative research, University of Calgary

Ontario Expanding Mental Health and Eating Disorders Services at SickKids | Ontario Newsroom
Ontario Newsroom – Ontario.ca
“The Garry Hurvitz Centre for Brain and Mental Health, an academic hub that cultivates the interprofessional integration of research, education and …”
TAGS: mental health, eating disorder, anxiety, SickKids

Joint research on soil bacteria via McMaster University shows potential for anti-malaria drug …
Global News
“A study from the DeGroote Institute and University of Hamburg may have stumbled on a new antimalarial compound.”
TAGS: bacteria, malaria, innovative research, treatment options, McMaster University