Daily Media Digest October 12, 2021

Experts warn the flu could make a comeback this winter – CTV News
CTV News
“… going to wreak havoc,” Noah Ivers, family physician and Canada Research Chair at Women’s College Hospital and University of Toronto, told CTV News.”
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Montreal’s Douglas Foundation launches new initiative for mental health awareness – Global News
“The Douglas Mental Health University Foundation has launched a new initiative to raise funds for mental health research. As Global’s Elizabeth Zogalis …”
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Raise Your Voice to Make Parkinson’s a Priority in Canada
Health Insight
“People living with Parkinson’s and their care partners need increased government support to improve on areas of greatest urgency, including reducing wait times for diagnosis, increasing access to care, and reducing costs for health care services and medications.”
TAGS: Parkinson’s disease, support, diagnosis, Parkinson’s Canada

Empower Yourself with Facts on Ovarian Cancer and Advocate for Your Health
Health Insight
“Typical symptoms of ovarian cancer are bloating, difficulty eating, pain, and changes in bladder habits ­­— but these non-specific symptoms can easily be confused with other benign conditions. A woman may also experience other symptoms, as Peggy did, that don’t seem related to ovarian cancer. “The pain I had on my right side wasn’t a classic ovarian cancer symptom,” she says.
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Canadian Musculoskeletal Conference 2021 Sponsors – Osteoporosis Canada
Osteoporosis Canada
“The Canadian Musculoskeletal Conference 2021 is designed for family physicians, bone health specialists, as well as allied health professionals interested in bone health. The conference offers an advanced medical education program virtually.”