Daily Media Digest October 13, 2021

Inside the lab scanning Saskatoon’s sewage for COVID-19
The Star Phoenix
“The program blossomed from an improvised effort into a federally-funded initiative scanning sewage samples from three Saskatchewan cities.”
TAGS: COVID-19, pandemic, sewage, public health, University of Saskatchewan

New Record: 80 Grants to Outsmart Cancer
Cancer Research Society
“This year, the Cancer Research Society (the Society) will award 80 research grants valued at $9.6 million dollars; a new record for the organization! These grants are awarded to some of the most promising cancer research projects in Canada.”
TAGS: cancer, innovative research, funding, Cancer Research Society

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre researchers bring order to chaotic pancreatic cancer
“Drs. Rama Khoka and Barbara Grünwald have published new research which illustrates how the complex tumour micro-environment inside of pancreatic cancers organizes itself to promote aggressive progression and treatment resistance.”
TAGS: cancer research, pancreatic cancer, treatment resistance, innovation, UHN

TENET i2c competition brings urgently needed service for hospitals a step closer
“Eight teams of UCalgary researchers pitch their startups, vying for $100K grand prize toward commercialization.”
TAGS: medical technology, innovation, University of Calgary

From “falling through the cracks” to restored health and independent living
Hamilton Health Sciences
“Darlene Caprice landed in a Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) emergency department last winter after suffering a fall. Since then, HHS’ award-winning Hospital 2 Home (H2H) program has been helping the 69-year-old woman regain her independence and stay safe from COVID-19.”
TAGS: aging population, independence, hospital programs, Hamilton Health Sciences

Join the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Caregiver Workshop.
FASD Success
“Register now for our FREE FASD training workshop designed to give you a deeper understanding of FASD so you can get those around you on board!”