Daily Media Digest October 14, 2020

Your life depends on sleep. So why are so many people not getting enough?
Ottawa Citizen
“That may have serious downstream impacts on physical and mental health. … at the University of Ottawa who has spent almost 50 years researching sleep. … Rebecca Robillard, who directs clinical sleep research at The Royal …”
TAGS: sleep, mental health, physical health, The Royal Mental Health Centre

COVID-free hospital zones could prevent cancer surgery complications, deaths: study
“Associate Prof. Janet Martin is part of a global research team called the COVIDSurg Collaborative. Their latest research shows improved outcomes for patients whose surgery takes place in hospitals that have COVID-free pathways for surgical patients…”
TAGS: COVID-19, surgery outcomes, cancer, Western University

From “what if” to “what is”
“… with the help of an Enabling Project grant from BioCanRx, is driving Dr. Carolina Ilkow, Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa, and her team (which includes Dr. John Bell, Scientific Director of BioCanRx, Dr. Brian Lichty from McMaster University and many talented trainees and post-doctoral fellows)  …”
TAGS: cancer, innovative research, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, McMaster University, BioCanRx

His father’s son: Nazeem Muhajarine connects the coronavirus and human behaviour
University of Saskatchewan
“The way people perceive threats in a pandemic affects the spread of COVID-19, according to social epidemiologist Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine (PhD).”
TAGS: COVID-19, social epidemiology, pandemic, University of Saskatchewan

Health literacy in the pharmacy could curb trips to emergency
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
“Study results show that health literacy tools could be understood better and used more often to identify patients who may be confused about their medication.”
TAGS: health literacy, pharmacy, aging population, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute

Scientists studying whether light can be harnessed to kill the coronavirus
CTV News
“Majority of Canadians support closing non-essential businesses during … not being listened to’: COVID-19 long-haulers describe fighting for medical care … The trial will study patients over 30 days and ask them to track their … It’s all still largely theoretical since much of the research for COVID-19 is in …”
TAGS: light therapy, COVID-19, innovative research

1 in 5 Canadians have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression amid the pandemic
“A new study from Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC) has found that one in five Canadians have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression …”
TAGS: anxiety, depression, pandemic, COVID-19