Daily Media Digest October 30, 2019

New tool developed in London, Ont. expected to drastically reduce repeat breast cancer surgeries
“Researchers out of Lawson Health Research Institute in London, Ont. have developed a new tool that they believe can greatly improve surgery […]”

Study shows PTSD link to binge eating
UM Today (press release)
“There are well-known associations between PTSD and several health behaviors such as smoking and increased alcohol use. Much less research to […]”

Breast density information to be included with all NS mammogram results
“The Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program at the IWK Health Centre helped oversee the development of the new process and its rollout to various […]”

Artificial intelligence a game-changer for some stroke victims
“It will make Hamilton Health Sciences the first in Canada to implement it across an entire region. The first hospital site to have it was Toronto General.”

Montréal to host Canada’s largest stem cell and regenerative medicine conference
HRI Portal
“More than 500 experts in stem cell and regenerative medicine research will convene in Montréal from November 4 to 6, for the 2019 Till & McCulloch Meetings, Canada’s leading stem cell and regenerative medicine conference.”

Targeting gut bacteria could help treat opioid addiction, study suggests
Folio – University of Alberta
“Using diet and treatments targeting the gut may one day be a viable method to treat and manage opioid addiction, according to new research out of […]”

Ethanol plant waste water contains dementia-delaying compound
Canadian Cattlemen
“Saskatchewan researchers are teaming up with ethanol producers to extract compounds from waste water that could be used in Alzheimer’s […]”