Daily Media Digest October 4, 2021

Out of hospital, COVID-19 survivors must learn to breathe again | CBC Radio
“Instead of being transferred to a rehab hospital, Akiva was supported remotely through COVIDCare@Home, which — though run out of Women’s College Hospital …”
TAGS: COVID-19, pandemic, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, Women’s College Hospital, University Health Network

Outdoor exercise benefits new moms’ mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic …
“The following article by Iris Lesser, University of The Fraser Valley and Scott Lear, Simon Fraser University originally appeared on the Conversation and is …”
TAGS: COVID-19, physical health, pandemic, mental health, Simon Fraser University

How mental health research is saving lives, today – The Hill Times
The Hill Times
“This can be a golden age of research for brain and mental health in Canada. We just need to meet the moment. Canada invests 1.5 per cent of our total …”
TAGS: mental health, brain research, innovative research, CAMH

Study: non-melanoma skin cancer rates rose 30 per cent in Ontario from 2003 to 2017 – Toronto Star
Toronto Star
“The study, published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, … The study said more research and renewed public health efforts to promote …”
TAGS: skin cancer, non-melanoma, risk, public health, Women’s College Hospital

Canadian doctors help critically ill pregnant woman survive and save baby’s life | CTV News
CTV News
“… at the University Health Network, explained to CTV News that some patients with pulmonary hypertension will only survive if they get a lung transplant.”
TAGS: pandemic, pulmonary hypertension, innovative treatment, ECMO, University Health Network

Western University researcher develops fix amid shortage of donor hearts | London Free Press
London Free Press (Blogs)
“A researcher at Western University is leading a team that has developed the ultra-flexible cardiac patch, made from elastin, gelatin and carbon nanotube, …”
TAGS: innovative research, cardiac health, cardiac patch, Western University

Safe Places for Aging and Care project seeks participants in Manitoba | Ottawa Sun
Ottawa Sun
“Researchers at five Canadian universities including Brandon University (BU) and University of Manitoba have begun collecting data for the Safe Places for …”
TAGS: aging, research, participants, aging population, elder care, University of Manitoba

Halifax cancer survivor raises over $250K for research over nearly 2 decades – Global News
“Over the past twenty years, cancer survivor Bernice Arsenault has made an incredible contribution to the Canadian Cancer Society through her fundraising …”
TAGS: fundraising, research, cancer, Canadian Cancer Society