Daily Media Digest October 9, 2019

New tool helps seniors and their health-care team reduce overmedication, Canadian study finds
“Performing a prescription checkup is a complex process, researchers say.”
TAGS: senior care, geriatric medicine, prescription drug

The rise of ‘psychobiotics’? ‘Poop pills’ and probiotics could be game changers for mental illness
National Post
“No area of psychiatry is as hot, or controversial today as the idea of manipulating the gut to alter the mind”
TAGS: mental health, bipolar disorder, depression research

Exercise lowers the risk of depression—and may help treat it, too
The Globe and Mail
“In Toronto, Fitness for Mental Health, a non-profit organization founded by triathlete and fitness coach Jodie Becker, has been providing fitness support services through the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) for almost two years.”
TAGS: mental health, exercise, alternative medicine

Diabetics can reduce heat illness from exercise
“Diabetes can make people more prone to heat stroke when they exercise on hot days, but two studies suggest there are things diabetics and others can do to lower their risk of heat-related illnesses.”
TAGS: diabetes, exercise, preventative health

Dog owners have reduced risk of dying from heart problems, says researcher
“A Toronto researcher has found that dog owners have a 33 per cent lower risk of death after they were hospitalized due to a heart attack.”
TAGS: healthy lifestyle, heart health, preventative health