Daily Media Digest September 13, 2019

Technology Networks
“[…] metformin, a widely prescribed drug to treat diabetes, promotes repair in adult female brains and is dependent on the sex hormone estradiol. “
TAGS: brain research, estradiol, metformin, brain injury


“Alberta Health Services is set to launch an anti-vaping pilot program in some junior high schools to help youth resist peer pressure and develop critical …”
TAGS: vaping, youth health, smoking


“Self-care not only leads to better health outcomes for individuals and their families but also directly contributes to a more efficient and sustainable healthcare system.”
TAGS: self care, mental health, healthcare


“Emerging technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are becoming essential tools in the advancement of research in the healthcare space.”
TAGS: artificial intelligence, machine learning, innovation and health


Anishinabek News (press release)
““At a community level, this project will examine the effectiveness of moving from an outcome-based approach to one that is focused on the ways in which health is negotiated and lived among Indigenous peoples according to an Indigenous model of health, and thus an understanding of health that is culturally-based,” Ray says.”
TAGS: Indigenous health, community health, mental health


““Oshki was created to service NAN and the northern communities in post-secondary education. Now we are welcoming 11 brand new practical nurses, so this changes the health dynamic possibilities for the north. We are able to fill our communities with people from these communities to work in a capacity to care for people in those communities.””
TAGS: nursing program, community health,