Daily Media Digest September 14, 2022

Physiotherapy on the weekends can help patients discharge faster
CBC News
“But a new study from researchers at the Sudbury hospital found access to physiotherapy seven days a week could help improve outcomes for elderly patients, and allow them to get discharged sooner.”
TAGS: physiotherapy, health human resources, elderly, Health Sciences North

Can an easy excuse lead people to underestimate a COVID-19 diagnosis?
Your Health Matters
“Medical care requires clinicians to think through complex uncertainties, assess risks analytically, and guard against possible biases in human judgment. A new study … explores how an available simple diagnosis can skew complex medical …”
TAGS: diagnosis, COVID-19, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Exploring the heart-brain connection
The Globe and Mail
“… impacts of serious cardiac events on the brain are well documented, other important linkages remain less understood. Dr. Peter Liu … believes this knowledge gap is the result of heart and brain conditions being studied and treated in isolation.”
TAGS: cardiac arrest, brain health, clinical trial, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Five ways climate change can affect your mental health
Toronto Life
“Climate change-related psychological issues is just one of the ways climate change is affecting human health. Dr. Sarah Levitt … says that we are increasingly recognizing that the environment around us plays a huge role in our mental well-being.”
TAGS: climate change, mental health, University Health Network

Canada’s First Voluntary National Standard of Canada for Animal-Assisted Human Services
HRI Portal
“… introduce Canada’s first Voluntary National Standards of Canada (NSC) for Animal-Assisted Human Services (AAHS) … encompasses a variety of multi- and interdisciplinary practices, and Animal-Assisted Interventions (AAI) …”
TAGS: animal-assisted services, Canadian Foundation for Animal Assisted Support Services