Daily Media Digest September 2, 2020

Parents more likely than non-parents to turn to alcohol during pandemic, survey finds

CTV News
“The study, conducted by York University psychology researchers, surveyed Canadians early on in the pandemic and found that the use of alcohol as a …”
TAGS: COVID-19, pandemic, mental health, alcohol use

Old drug, new therapy: RI-MUHC-sponsored phase III clinical trial ready to test repurposed dapsone to tone down lung inflammation caused by COVID-19
“The fight against COVID-19 must be waged on many fronts. The public’s adherence to infection control measures is essential, and so is the search for a vaccine. But even when one is found, cases will not disappear, and many patients will still need treatment. In that sense, repurposing drugs could be a quick, safe and cost-effective way to develop new COVID-19 therapies.”
TAGS: inflammation, innovative treatment, COVID-19

As fall approaches, BC health experts say it’s ‘back to basics’ to reduce spread of COVID-19
“Dr. Patricia Daly, chief medical health officer for Vancouver Coastal Health, told On the Coast host Gloria Macarenko that the province needs to keep …”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health, pandemic

Child advocates ring the alarm in new report on children in Canada
UCalgary News
“Raising Canada 2020 outlines how the ‘threats’ faced by Canadian children, including mental illness, food insecurity, child abuse, physical inactivity, and poverty are increasing, or may increase, due to the impact of COVID-19.”
TAGS: COVID-19, pediatric health, children and youth health, mental health

A closer look at the vaccines Canada is betting on to stem the spread of COVID-19
“The first patient enrolled in Pfizer’s COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine clinical trial at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore receives …”
TAGS: COVID-19, vaccine development, innovative research

Marijuana and pregnancy: There’s no evidence that exposure is safe
Philippine Canadian Inquirer
“Marijuana and pregnancy: There’s no evidence that exposure is safe. By Catherine Lebel University of Calgary, Carly McMorris University of Calgary, …”
TAGS: marijuana, pregnancy, developmental health