Daily Media Digest September 20, 2021

Scientists studying whether it’s possible to grow, eat mRNA vaccines | CTV News
CTV News
“Testing of the vaccine has already begun as part of a partnership with The Ottawa Hospital. The mRNA technology used in some conventional COVID-19 …”
TAGS: mRNA, vaccines, innovative research, alternative vaccine delivery, The Ottawa Hospital

Awareness and Proper Support Can Help People with FASD Flourish
Health Insight
“A national strategy on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder would improve prevention, diagnosis, and support for patients and families.”
TAGS: FASD, developmental health, children and youth health, diagnosis, CanFASD

Analysis of clinical trial results reveals diabetes drug protects and improves kidney function
Research at UHN
“Research findings from the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute reveal the long-term effects on the kidneys of the recently approved type 2 diabetes drug ertugliflozin.”
TAGS: clinical trial, diabetes, drug, kidney function, University Health Network

A new calculator can determine the risk of experiencing symptoms of a concussion months later
Research at UHN
“A team from UHN has identified factors that can help predict the risk that someone who gets a concussion will continue to experience symptoms months later.”
TAGS: concussion, traumatic brain injury, symptom management, University Health Network

Drug-checking innovation wins $1-million prize
Ryerson University
“Funds support Ryerson student startup that helps prevent overdoses at harm-reduction sites”
TAGS: innovation, drugs, overdoses prevention, harm-reduction sites, Ryerson University

New screening program helps identify chronic diseases in Indigenous children who live … – Sudbury
“Substantial health disparities exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. The prevalence of diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD) among …”
TAGS: Indigenous health, community health, chronic disease, children’s health,

Cancer treatments and hearing loss: What’s the connection?
Healthy Hearing
“If you have a form of cancer that requires surgery in the brain, ear, or auditory nerve, hearing problems could occur, according to the Canadian Cancer Society …”
TAGS: cancer, hearing loss, treatment options, Canadian Cancer Society