Daily Media Digest September 9, 2019

The Suburban Newspaper
“Machine learning-guided virtual reality simulators can help neurosurgeons develop the skills they need before they step in the operating room, according to a recent study. “
TAGS: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, surgeon training


“However, cancer is on track to overtake it as cardiovascular disease declines because of prevention and treatment, predicts the research by the Population Health Research Institute…”
TAGS: heart disease, cancer, McMaster University, Hamilton Health Sciences


Policy Options
“Last spring, Canadian researchers found unequivocal evidence that … for Tomorrow Project, Canada’s largest population health research study, which …”
TAGS: precision medicine, public policy, public health


“Dr. Andrew Pipe, of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, told the Global News podcast Wait, There’s More that he expects the number of U.S. cases …”
TAGS: vaping, respiratory illness


“VCH Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Patricia Daily said the region’s harm reduction strategies, including naloxone kits and supervised consumption …”
TAGS: overdose prevention, addiction, harm reduction, treatment


Simcoe Reformer
““With Parkinson’s the more stress you put on yourself, the worse it gets. … Paul Scibetta, community development co-ordinator for Parkinson Canada in …”
TAGS: Parkinson’s disease, fundraising


Standard Freeholder
“It’s a subject that Marjerrison herself already knows a lot about because she works as a pediatric oncologist at McMaster Hospital in Hamilton.”
TAGS: childhood cancer, fundraising


CTV News
“Health Canada is hoping to use private-sector dollars to fight opioid addiction because “conventional efforts are not enough” to address …”
TAGS: opioid crisis, funding