Introducing the winners of BioCanRx’s 2022 Summer Studentships

BioCanRx is happy to introduce the 16 undergraduate students chosen from across Canada through a competitive application process to be part of our Summer Studentship Program. The program’s goal is to inspire the next generation of highly qualified personnel to pursue research or policy-related work in cancer immuno-oncology. Undergraduate students receive funding to conduct research with BioCanRx’s network investigators. This opportunity provides students with a practical, hands-on research experience.

BioCanRx would also like to highlight our Indigenous Summer Studentship program. Five students were chosen through a competitive application process to be a part of this program. Similarly, this program’s goal is to give Indigenous students the opportunity to conduct meaningful hands-on cancer research. This is accomplished through internships with research groups at post-secondary institutions across Canada or with our partnering organization, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC). The BioCanRx Indigenous Summer Studentship is open to any cancer-related research or policy-related work including that with an Indigenous-oriented framework, such as Indigenous traditional knowledge. BioCanRx is also partnering with Indspire to provide mentorship for students who have received this award. Indpire’s Rivers to Success program provides students with one-on-one and group guidance and mentorship from Indigenous peers and role models who can help students stay grounded as they prepare to take the next steps on their personal path to success.

See the biographies for each of our 2022 summer students!


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