Self-Care is Key for Better Health & Sustainable Healthcare

Whether it is exercising, brushing teeth, eating well, applying sunscreen, quitting smoking, or treating fevers and headaches, self-care is what every Canadian does to stay healthy and Canadians do prefer to take care of themselves when they can.

Self-care not only leads to better health outcomes for individuals and their families but also directly contributes to a more efficient and sustainable healthcare system.  CHP Canada is dedicated to advancing evidence-based self-care. We envision a future where the essential role Canadians play in their own health is recognized and supported throughout their lives.

This is a future without preventable diseases and where all Canadians can safely and confidently care for themselves while also having ready access to health professionals. We believe this can be achieved by providing people with the broadest possible access to evidence-based health products, services, tools, and information.

A national self-care strategy that supports Canadian’s interests in caring for themselves will help strike an appropriate balance between self-care and professional care. This strategy could incorporate efforts that address financial barriers and influences while promoting health literacy, innovation and equitable product access. These barriers include insurance coverage that drives Canadians to their doctors in order to save on the cost of something they can buy themselves.

It is clear that enabling good health, whether at home, or with the help of a professional just makes sense. This equates to making balanced investments that make our health care system accessible to all, as well as empowering individuals to take great care of themselves.


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