Taking a next-generation approach to health care

Today more than ever, health care research requires a truly interdisciplinary approach. This means bringing researchers out of their silos and facilitating their working together to solve the complex health care problems we are facing.

At Concordia University, we are uniquely positioned to conduct innovative health care research that moves past traditional disciplines.

Over the years, health research has evolved to become one of our leading research priorities. Concordia is teaching for tomorrow, and our graduate students are building upon the vital work of their faculty mentors. Current work includes:

  • Exploring deep-learning functions to develop cancer radiomics to improve detection, diagnosis and prognosis capacities
  • Using microbubbles and ultrasound waves to enhance drug treatment and delivery
  • Micro-engineering gold ash to find clues for fine-tuning the nanoparticle synthesis intended for cancer drug development and delivery
  • Groundbreaking research on addiction, including the correlation between video lottery terminals and economically disadvantaged areas
  • Developing robots for surgical operations, which will enhance surgeons’ abilities to perform micro-surgical tasks in a more precise and less invasive way.
  • Teen anxiety and giving pre-teens the ability to gain mental health resilience
  • Exploring the possibility of virtual reality for ophthalmology, surgical simulation and planning, diagnosis and therapy for eye diseases, and medical training
  • How music can help women survivors of violence heal
  • Techniques to detect obstructions in mechanical heart valves and dysfunctions to contribute to safer follow-up methods for cardiologists and their patients
  • How to best help our aging population using tools from fields as diverse as communication studies, psychology, applied human sciences, and engineering.

Concordia researchers are responding to the medical needs of the broader community. By collaborating with industry and innovating new technology for medical applications, their aim is to benefit the advancement of healthcare in the world.

Concordia applauds the Your Candidates, Your Health initiative, and urges all candidates in the upcoming election to support health research.

Concordia University is a Sponsor of Research Canada’s Your Candidates, Your Health 2019 Federal Election Campaign. To learn more, visit yourcandidatesyourhealth.ca.