The Canadian Artificial Intelligence Advantage

Emerging technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are becoming essential tools in the advancement of research in the healthcare space. From hospital care to clinical research, drug development and insurance, AI applications have the potential to revolutionize how our health systems work to reduce spending and improve patient outcomes.

Our member companies recognize the potential of AI and machine learning to make faster and more accurate diagnoses and discover new treatment options sooner. The speed of these technologies to analyze vast amounts of scientific data allows pharmaceutical companies to develop better diagnostics and biomarkers, to identify drug targets and to develop new and innovative medicines.

Given the rapid growth in computational power, experts predict the next five years will bring more advancement than the past 30 years combined. The global market potential is estimated at $2.4 billion in 2017 and trillions of dollars are expected to be invested in the coming years.

Canada is a world leader in the field of AI:

  • Montréal is the second largest global hub for AI, with the highest concentration of researchers and students of deep learning in the world.
  • Toronto has the highest concentration of AI start-ups in the world.
  • Edmonton is home to Google DeepMind’s first-ever AI research office, as well as Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), a global top-five facility for AI and machine learning.

In the fall of 2019, the Health Research Foundation (HRF) of Innovative Medicines Canada will award two research fellowships in the area of AI Health Research. These Fellowships are designed to equip outstanding MDs and/or PhD researchers with the tools to contribute to the innovative health care systems of tomorrow, and to facilitate collaboration, teamwork, and trust between academic research centers and the pharmaceutical industry.

IMC’s members are striving every day to find new treatments to help Canadians live longer, healthier lives. We believe AI technologies are critical tools for success in health research and are proud to support Canadian research in this emerging field.

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