Interview Availability: Patient Perspectives on National Pharmacare Issues

OTTAWA, February 28, 2024 – Patient advocates affiliated with the Best Medicines Coalition (BMC) are available to offer comment regarding national pharmacare issues. The BMC is an alliance of 30 patient organizations working together to improve access to medically necessary drugs and related treatments for all patients in Canada.

Specifically, John Adams, volunteer Chair of the BMC’s Board of Directors, is available for interviews. A long-time patient advocate, John’s views are informed by his leadership of the broad coalition, a depth of understanding regarding current pharmaceutical policies, programs and related challenges, and personal experiences as a patient and caregiver. Other patient advocates are also available for interviews upon request.

About the Best Medicines Coalition: As a national alliance of 30 patient organizations, the BMC seeks timely access to a comprehensive range of medically necessary, safe, and effective drugs and related treatments, informed by patient-driven evidence and values, and delivered equitably and affordably to all patients in Canada. The BMC’s areas of interest include drug approval, assessment, and reimbursement, as well as patient safety and supply issues. As an important aspect of its work, the BMC strives to ensure that Canadian patients have a voice and are meaningful participants in health and pharmaceutical policy development. The BMC was registered under the federal Not-for-profit Corporations Act in 2012.


To contact John Adams directly: 647-767-7991 or

To arrange an interview with John Adams or another patient advocate affiliated with the BMC, contact: Jay Strauss —