As a member of the health research and health innovation community, we want to make sure you know about the HRI Portal and consider using it to maximize exposure of your news and successes to the media, public and health innovation community.

Research Canada developed the HRI Portal as a response to feedback from our Members that the cost of sending media releases had become prohibitive. Some told us that they were not getting their releases to their ideal audience—science and health journalists. Some Members reported having stopped sending releases altogether.

As a result, Research Canada developed the HRI Portal to amplify the voices of the health research and health innovation community.

Who gets my release?

The HRI Portal Media Distribution Service is built on the MarketWired platform, making the HRI Portal comparable to any other release distribution service. We distribute your media release directly to science, medical and health reporters from across Canada, including weekly, trade and monthly publications. We also send your release to national and regional reporters covering general, national, parliamentary and daily news. In addition to distributing directly to journalists, your release is:

  • Posted on the HRI Portal website
  • Posted on the HRI Portal social media channels and shared on Research Canada channels (over 8,000 community followers combined across Twitter and Facebook, including scientists, innovators and health professionals)
  • Sent directly to subscribers of Research Canada news, consisting of Research Canada Members and other stakeholders across the health research and health innovation community
  • Included in RC On the Move, Research Canada’s quarterly newsletter to Members

What does it cost?

For Research Canada Members, there is a flat fee of $200 for each media release ($300 for non-Members). We are happy to offer a second language version for 50% off if it is being sent at the same time.

Our excellent rate reflects our dedication to advancing health research and health innovation in Canada. By making it easier for you to promote your institution’s discoveries and initiatives to the media, we ensure that health research and health innovation remains a high national priority.

What can I include in my release?

At no additional cost, you may include:

  • Your logo
  • A picture
  • A backgrounder in the same message following your release
  • Hyperlinks to additional background materials or your website

How do I do this?

All you need to do is send your release in digital form to with any additional materials you want included, such as pictures, your logo, and backgrounders.

We are not able to guarantee a rush media release and so we ask that you provide us with your release 24 hours in advance whenever possible. You will be asked to be available to approve a test version of the release.

Can you do an embargoed release?

We are happy to provide an Embargo Service (release to select journalists in advance) upon request, for no additional charge.