Daily Media Digest April 23, 2020

National study to collect data on aging adults’ experiences during COVID-19 pandemic

McGill Newsroom
“Does a COVID-19 infection lead to long-term health problems affecting the lungs or brain? These are just a few of the questions a new study being …”
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New research aims to use CT scans to better diagnose COVID-19
Richmond News
“Researchers and radiologists with Vancouver General Hospital, the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research …”
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Easy way to prepare treatment plan created by Queen’s University professor
The Kingston Whig-Standard
“To help people come up with their own plan, critical care doctor and Queen’s University professor Dr. Daren Heyland has developed a free online tool …”
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Saginur and Cameron: COVID-19 clinical trials will move us from guesswork to evidence
The Ottawa Citizen
“Medical science demands the demonstration of safety and efficacy in well-designed, controlled clinical trials based on in vitro evidence and experiments in non-human species. We who develop COVID-19 infection can choose to participate in clinical research if we have the opportunity. Current patients will provide the basis for better treatments in the future.”
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Research foundation throwing virtual party to raise money for diabetes
“The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Canada (JRDF) is throwing a party to raise money for diabetes research–a virtual one. Despite the fact …”
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Data will dictate our return to more normal times
Winnipeg Free Press
“This is under way. York University disaster management professor Eric Kennedy, for example, is tracking how Canadians understand and perceive the …”
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What does ‘reaching the peak’ in the COVID-19 pandemic mean?
Kamloops This Week
“Jianhong Wu, distinguished research professor of mathematics at York University, said other risks come with pandemic peaks. “At these times, the …”
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U of T to support 31 high-impact coronavirus research projects through Toronto COVID-19 Action …
“… Toronto General Hospital Research Institute at the University Health Network, plans to carry out a phase two drug trial for the treatment of COVID-19.”
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