Daily Media Digest April 25, 2023

Why Society Must Embrace the Idea of “Dying a Good Death”
Health Insight
“People fear death, but when fear leads to denial, we miss the opportunity to have meaningful conversations on the way we want the end of our lives to unfold.”
TAGS: cancer, palliative care, Pancreatic Cancer Canada

A genetic mutation found to cause chronic lung disease in indigenous children
McGill University Health Centre
“The fact that we found four cases among dispersed indigenous populations suggests that PCD may be much more common in the First Nations than we ever …”
TAGS: Indigenous health, lung disease, pneumonia, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC)

Researchers identify a potential new therapeutic target in Parkinson’s disease
University of Toronto
“A team of researchers from the Krembil Brain Institute (KBI) and the University of Toronto have identified a protein-protein interaction that contributes to Parkinson’s disease.”
TAGS: neurology, Parkinson’s disease, University Health Network, Krembil Brain Institute (KBI)

Navigating drug shortages in Canada: challenges and solutions for healthcare professionals
Canadian Healthcare Network
“… Affairs at the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada … explained that while drug shortages are not new, the problem has worsened in recent years due to various factors including.”
TAGS: drug shortages, pharmacist, Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada

Genetic testing offers insight to improve care for youth living with autism spectrum disorder, says psychiatry researcher
University of Alberta
“As the inaugural CASA Research Chair in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Daniel Moreno De Luca combines psychiatric research with clinical …”
TAGS: mental health, pediatric health, autism spectrum disorder, genetic testing, University of Alberta

JDRF International Collaboration Leads to Next-Generation Cell Therapy Research
“The first step in the cell replacement pathway to cures, initiated more than 60 years ago, is replacing these cells that have been lost with donor-derived or renewably sourced cells.”
TAGS: diabetes, stem cell research, 3D bioprinting, JDRF