Daily Media Digest April 26, 2021

Living through the pandemic may cause varying degrees of trauma: expert
CTV News
““Psychological trauma can actually be a very common event,” said clinical psychologist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Dr. Katy …”
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There’s no COVID-19 exit strategy without vaccinating younger teens, expert says
Montreal Gazette
“… (is vaccinated), including kids,” said Dr. Brian Ward, professor of Infectious Diseases at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre.”
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Deaths, hospitalizations dropping among oldest Canadians as COVID-19 vaccinations ramp up
“Dr. Prabhat Jha, director of the Centre for Global Health Research at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, agreed the latest trends show early progress.”
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COVID-19 variants FAQ: How did the U.K., South Africa and Brazil variants emerge? Are they more contagious? How does a virus mutate? Could there be a super-variant that evades vaccines?
The Conversation
“Based on this, emergence of a super-variant seems unlikely, because these two functions — unlocking the host cell and evading the immune system — will always be in competition with each other, so neither will be able to achieve perfect efficiency.”
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March of Dimes Canada Responds to the 2021 Federal Budget
March of Dimes Canada
“In response to the federal government’s Budget 2021, A Recovery Plan for Jobs, Growth, and Resilience1 , March of Dimes Canada applauds the Trudeau government’s investments to support people with disabilities and marginalized communities across Canada.”
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Experts push for national screening program of ‘bubble boy’ disease
CTV News
“Today, treatment involves a blood stem cell transplant, usually from a parent or sibling. It is a very specialized procedure available in six Canadian …”
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