Daily Media Digest April 26, 2022

Novel brain imaging study could help revolutionize diagnosis of brain disorders and mental illnesses
Capital Current
“Researchers at The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research have identified a … Rami Al Haddad, a University of Ottawa PhD student working in …”
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Mapping the driver of prostate cancer
“Using cutting-edge genomic technologies, researchers have created the first functional map of sites within the genome that regulate androgen receptor (AR) activity — the primary driver of prostate cancer growth. Led by Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute researcher Dr. Nathan Lack and published in the journal Genome Biology, the study opens the door to future explorations into this uncharted territory.”
TAGS: prostate cancer, genome, innovative research, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Sets Its Sights on the “Rarest Drug on Earth”
Health Insight
“On a nuclear research campus in the Ottawa Valley, Canadian researchers spent decades quietly transforming the way we fight cancer. With Actinium-225, they’re about to do it again.”
TAGS: cancer, innovative research, nuclear research, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

‘I don’t want to live anymore’: Woman with Type 1 diabetes feels her body breaking down
CTV News Montreal
“Diabetes rates are not slowing down, added Andrea Smith of Diabetes Canada. “Currently, 11.7 million Canadians, or about one in three people, …”
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U.S. FDA approves Gilead’s COVID-19 drug for young children – CTV News
CTV News
“The U.S. drug regulator on Monday granted the first full approval for treating COVID-19 in children aged 28 days and older to Gilead Sciences …”
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Fourth doses in Ontario: When should you get one? – CTV News Toronto
CTV News Toronto
““In all our vaccines, they usually come in three or fours,” Dr. Dawn Bowdish, Canada Research Chair in Aging and Immunity and a professor at McMaster …”
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Analyzing sex differences in health research is important, UBC study finds – New West Record
New West Record
“A University of British Columbia research conducted an analysis of health research studies to see which analyzed male and female differences.”
TAGS: sex differences, health research, innovative research

Feds invest $6.7M on research project looking at impact of COVID-19 on youth | Globalnews.ca
Global News
“Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos told reporters Monday in Montreal the platform will involve researchers at 16 Canadian institutions. He says …”
TAGS: COVID-19, pandemic, youth health, research project