Daily Media Digest April 6, 2023

Survey of medical experts reveals opportunities to address organ damage risk with people living with lupus earlier in the course of their disease
GSK Canada
“… COVID-19 pandemic and medical complications prevented some people living with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) from getting optimal care in the past two years, increasing their risk for organ damage.”
TAGS: COVID-19 pandemic, lupus, autoimmune disease, GSK Canada

Why music causes memories to flood back
Washington Post
“Frank Russo, professor of psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University … chief scientific officer of a company that is developing a music player that uses artificial intelligence to curate an individualized play list designed to guide a patient from a state of anxiety to one of calm.”
TAGS: patient experience, memory, brain health, dementia, Toronto Metropolitan University

Partnerships to prevent harm from dangerous side effects of drugs
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
“Johanna Trimble became an advocate for adverse drug event (ADE) awareness after having more than one family member affected by a problem medication.”
TAGS: adverse drug events, patient experience, Canadian research, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute

Tummy time, reading among recommended activities that boost babies’ motor development
Folio – UAlberta
“Following Canadian movement guidelines could help infants hit gross motor milestones sooner — and set them up for healthy habits later, research shows.”
TAGS: pediatric health, motor development, University of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, Women and Children’s Health Research Institute

Two new $15K #studentships related to workplace mental health | Deadline May 15, 2023
Mental Health Research Canada
“Workplaces are showing an increased awareness of mental health and continue to investigate how they can combat these challenges. As a result, MHRC and partners have created two funding opportunities for Canadian college and university students to address this critical area in mental health research.”