Daily Media Digest April 7, 2020

Layoffs, lost funding and how COVID-19 may permanently hurt London’s medical-research sector
The London Free Press
“… a near-complete reduction of its hospital-based lab research and a 65 per cent shutdown of its clinical studies, scientific director David Hill said.”
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McMaster University researchers say medical masks are good enough amid provincial shortages

“McMaster University researchers say common medical masks are safe for treating COVID-19 patients and a higher level of protection should be …”
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Reuse N95 masks? Ultraviolet light will do the trick. And that’s just the start
Ottawa Citizen
“Dr. Dayre McNally is a researcher at the CHEO research institute. He and his colleagues are studying whether decontaminating N95 masks using UV …”
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MUHC researchers to broaden hydroxychloroquine trial to all eligible candidates
Montreal Gazette
“Researchers at the McGill University Health Centre have broadened a clinical trial to assess whether the drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) can prevent …”
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The Royal opens temporary clinic to provide mental health services during COVID-19 pandemic

CTV News
“The Royal has opened a new, temporary clinic to help people with urgent mental health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal …”
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New online mental health tool launched in Nova Scotia

“Mental Health and Addictions with the Nova Scotia Health Authority has accelerated the launch of an online mental health tool for people experiencing …”
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Sinai Health researchers develop robotic system to survey for widespread exposure to COVID-19

The Globe and Mail
“Dr. Gingras said she hopes the robotic system will be used first in a cohort study of Toronto area health-care workers organized by the University Health …”
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