Daily Media Digest April 7, 2023

Improving Doctor-Patient Communications – Interactive technology makes it easier to share and discuss health data
Carleton University
“To help people become better engaged in their own medical care, Carleton University systems and computer engineering researcher Fateme Rajabiyazdi and her students are developing health information visualization software for large, multi-touch displays.”
TAGS: health data, communications, interactive technology, Carleton University

Kids’ sleep apnea is under-diagnosed
UdeM Nouvelles
“One of the most common respiratory problems in children, obstructive sleep apnea can seriously affect development if left untreated. UdeM researcher Nelly Huynh focuses on prevention and screening.”
TAGS: sleep apnea, pediatric health, Université de Montréal

Canadian Cancer Society announces details of historic research funding program to transform low-survival cancers
“In a grant competition co-developed with patients, survivors and caregivers, these 10 research teams are poised to make life-saving breakthroughs in pancreatic, esophageal, brain, lung, liver and stomach cancers …”
TAGS: cancer research, funding, Canadian Cancer Society, Brain Canada, Cancer Research Society

Ageism and the pandemic: How Canada continues to let older adults suffer and die from COVID-19
Brighter World – McMaster University
“Three years into this pandemic, most Canadians have taken off their masks and many have stopped getting booster shots. However, COVID-19 is rising among the leading causes of death in Canada, reaching the No. 3 spot.”
TAGS: COVID-19, long-term care, aging, McMaster University

Autism program supports young patient build healthy relationship with food
Hamilton Health Sciences
“Services offered by the autism program at RJCHC include a clinical team which specializes in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).”
TAGS: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), patient perspective, Hamilton Health Sciences