Daily Media Digest August 14, 2023

New diagnostic device provides 20-minute blood test results
University of Waterloo
“Today, the desktop computer-sized blood diagnostics device can run comprehensive tests on comparatively small blood samples — in 20 minutes.”
TAGS: lab testing, innovative research, University of Waterloo

Is too much screen time harming children? Western study finds link to anxiety, depression
“This is a public health issue that not many people are aware of. … Emma Duerden is the Canada Research Chair in Neuroscience and Learning …”
TAGS: mental health, pediatric health, neuroscience, Western University

Study: Many older Canadians don’t always fill new prescriptions
“Study showed that roughly one in six of new prescriptions were not being filled … Women’s College Research Institute at Women’s College Hospital, Toronto.”
TAGS: prescriptions, health care system, Women’s College Research Institute, Women’s College Hospital, University of British Columbia

Non-invasive brain stimulation provides promise for treatment of depression, anxiety
The Montrealer
“… Raija has been under the care of a psychiatrist at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (The Royal). While lithium and other drugs provided some relief over the years, life became especially dark during the lengthy Covid-19 pandemic.”
TAGS: mental health, depression, patient perspective, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (The Royal)

IMPaCT Salary Awards | Deadline November 1, 2023
“Are you passionate about advancing healthcare for the youngest patients and pregnant people? Clinical trials answer important questions about care. If you want to be at the forefront of clinical trials, apply for the one-year IMPaCTrials salary awards at impactrials.ca.”