Daily Media Digest August 2, 2023

From the grassy ground to the lab: What the BCCDC tick team wants you to know
BC Centre for Disease Control
“Tick surveillance, testing and awareness efforts at BCCDC share the latest data on where ticks are located in B.C., the pathogens they’re carrying, how to protect yourself from tick-borne diseases and what to do if you get bit.”
TAGS: tick-borne disease, prevention, Provincial Health Services Authority

Two Western graduates create automatically adjusting leg prosthetic
Global News
“Western University graduates Sydney Robinson and Oleksiy Zaika are currently putting the finishing touches on their automatically adjusting leg prosthetic… diabetes is the leading cause of leg amputation and that the main concern with amputees is poor…”
TAGS: diabetes, prosthetics, medical technology, Western University

New Brunswick eliminates age gap on insulin pump coverage
Global News
“Glenn Thibeault, Diabetes Canada’s executive director of government affairs, advocacy and policy called the announcement “a step in the right direction.” He said the prohibitive cost of the equipment meant some people had to forego buying insulin pumps…”
TAGS: diabetes, insulin pumps, medical technology, Diabetes Canada, New Brunswick

Proactive mental health care for children of parents with mental disorders called for
The Kingston Whig Standard
“A Queen’s University professor is the lead author of a new paper advocating for better mental health care for children of parents with severe mental illnesses…  recommendations on how to address what their paper describes as a “largely overlooked population” of children of parents with mental disorders who are “at high risk for reduced well-being and poor mental health.”
TAGS: mental health, children, Queen’s University

How much less are doctors paid for operating on female patients in Canada?
CTV News
“New research suggests “surgical sexism” is baked into the Canadian health-care system, revealing surgeons are paid less for procedures on female patients than they are for comparable surgeries on male patients.”
TAGS: surgery, equity, health care professionals, Sunnybrook Hospital