Daily Media Digest August 27, 2019

EurekAlert (press release)
“In this new study, researchers used data from Ontario’s health care system to … Canadian Institutes for Health Research, SickKids Research Training …”
TAGS: childhood cancer, heart disease, Hospital for SickKids


“Dr. Catherine Pound, a pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario who wasn’t involved in the research, said the findings underlined the need to focus on children from food-insecure households.”
TAGS: children, diet, school programs


Toronto Star
“… very young and very old,” says Dr. Mark Bayley, study co-author and a concussion rehabilitation specialist with Toronto’s University Health Network.”
TAGS: concussions, injury, awareness, University Health Network


“”The idea was to take the lessons from that and apply it in the Congo,” he says. “Why the response was so successful in West Africa was because it was based on a community-based approach.””
TAGS: Ebola, vaccination, education, York University


“A biochemist at the University of New Brunswick says the legalization of recreational cannabis has opened the door for scientists to find new medical …”
TAGS: cannabis, research funding, University of New Brunswick


“Clinical trials of Zostavax show that the live vaccine is less effective the older the patient, and its effectiveness decreases over time. Shingrix has …”
TAGS: shingles, vaccination, seniors