Daily Media Digest August 28, 2018

The Globe and Mail
“… chief executive of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. … The doctors-in-training gain valuable experience and provide care to …”
TAGS: Saudi Arabia, medical residents, Paul-Émile Cloutier, Andrew Padmos


UCalgary News
“Schofield is also one of about 1,200 young people in Alberta who are moving from paediatric to adult health care. And despite all of Schofield’s time …”
TAGS: chronic disease, healthcare, University of Calgary


Toronto Star
“Vitality Air was launched in 2014 by two Edmonton men hoping to cash in … Jason Cabaj, medical officer of health with Alberta Health Services, said …”
TAGS: wildfire smoke, bottled air, Alberta Health Services, University of Alberta


CTV News
“Student leaders at York University are preparing for frosh week not only by planning movie nights and scavenger hunts to help welcome students and …”
TAGS: opioid crisis, overdose, naloxone


The Globe and Mail
“In fact, beyond the alarmist headlines, the new research provides pretty good evidence that moderate drinking poses little serious health risk.”
TAGS: alcohol consumption, Health, study


“Women have long been absent from medical research, with male subjects serving as the default human model. Numerous studies have found that …”
TAGS: women’s health, medical research, Goop, wellness industry


National Post
“Oxford researchers randomly assigned 15,480 adults with Type 1 or 2 diabetes but otherwise in good health and with no history of heart problems to …”
TAGS: aspirin, prevention, medical research