Daily Media Digest August 29, 2023

People with Friedreich’s ataxia help accelerate research by contributing to detection of disease progression indicators
The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital)
“Developing new therapies for FA, like many rare neurodegenerative diseases, has been limited by the lack of validated, sensitive indicators for disease progression.”
TAGS: rare diseases, genetic diseases, Canadian research, The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital)

VIU professor develops imaging technology to take a deeper look at tumour metabolism
VIU News – Vancouver Island University
“Dr. Kyle Duncan is part of an innovative cancer research team that received funding from the Terry Fox Research Institute.”
TAGS: cancer, medtech, Terry Fox Research Institute, Vancouver Island University

Are cannabis products safe and effective for reducing symptoms in children with cancer?
UM Today – University of Manitoba
“This literature review and clinical trial are a part of a team grant funded by the Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Institutes of Health …”
TAGS: cancer, pain management, pediatric health, Canadian Cancer Society, University of Manitoba

Meet nine Canadian researchers moving ALS research forward with the help of the ALS Canada-Brain Canada Discovery Grant Program
ALS Society of Canada
“… nine Canadian researchers and their teams received a total of $1,475,000 in funding to fuel innovation that will accelerate our understanding of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and identify pathways for future therapies.”
TAGS: innovative research, funding, ALS Society of Canada, Brain Canada

Space travel depletes red blood cells and bone, but bone marrow fat may come to the rescue
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
“This research is part of MARROW, a made-in-Ottawa experiment looking at bone marrow health and blood production in space, with funding from the Canadian Space Agency.”
TAGS: anemia, osteoporosis, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa