Daily Media Digest August 3, 2023

Canada’s next big bet needs to be on medical isotopes
The Hill Times
“Canada is on the cusp of an incredible opportunity: to be the world’s leading supplier of medical isotopes and the cancer-fighting and cancer-finding therapies these isotopes make possible. We have a highly skilled workforce, world-class research institutions and a wealth of infrastructure—like reactors and cyclotrons of all sizes—already in place.”
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Medical advances typically begin with a study. Now, universities are struggling to afford them
CBC News
“But like many scientists, the associate professor of cellular biology at the University of Guelph in southern Ontario has become irate with the business of academic publishing. “Publishers are charging us to publish our work, then they turn around and ask you to do the peer review [for other researchers’ articles] for free,” said Van Raay.”
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Rady grad student profile: Dr. Olubukola Olatosi passionate about early childhood oral health
UM News
“Dr. Olubukola Olatosi’s PhD research combines her passion for pediatric dentistry with public health. The second-year PhD student in oral biology at the Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry is currently focused on interviewing non-dental primary care providers about their use of the Canadian Caries Risk Assessment Tool.”
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Scientists explore potential of injectable biomaterial for corneal repair
Optometry Today
” New research published in Advanced Functional Materials has described how an injectable biomaterial could be used to help patients with thinning corneas. The University of Ottawa and Université de Montréal scientists highlighted that the material is activated by pulses of low-energy blue light to reshape and thicken damaged sections of the cornea.”
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