Daily Media Digest August 4, 2022

Disrupted Gender Roles | Study reveals impact of traumatic brain injury on the gender roles of patients and caregivers
UHN Research
“A new study led by researchers at the KITE Research Institute explores how gender shapes the experiences of individuals and their caregivers after traumatic brain injury.”
TAGS: recovery, brain injury, quality of care, University Health Network

Uncovering covert strokes to stop dementia
“Dr. Eric Smith is working to predict who is at risk for stroke-related dementia, and ultimately prevent it.”
TAGS: stroke-related dementia, University of Calgary, Heart & Stroke Foundation

Analysis: Inhaled vaccine for COVID-19 — The pandemic accelerated decades of research leading to jab-free vaccine now in human testing
McMaster University
“Before COVID-19 emerged, my colleagues and I at McMaster University were working to develop a new inhaled form of vaccine delivery that could finally take on one of the most challenging respiratory infections: tuberculosis…”
TAGS: tuberculosis, inhaled COVID-19 vaccine, McMaster University

Wait times for eating disorder treatment in Canada grow during the pandemic
CBC News
“Psychologists, pediatricians, counsellors and others across the country said they’ve seen a jump in referrals throughout the pandemic for eating disorders.”
TAGS: mental health, eating disorders, University Health Network, University of Alberta

COVID-19, AIDS, and opioids: Converging pandemics reveal ‘cracks’ in Indigenous health services

CTV News Montreal
“A co-ordinator with the Feast Centre for Indigenous STBBI Research at McMaster University, she is also an Anishinaabe woman living with HIV.”
TAGS: Indigenous health, AIDS, McMaster University, Universite de Montreal

How a mental health project from moratorium era Newfoundland can inform senior care

Global News
“When it comes to caring for seniors in Newfoundland’s outport communities, there may be a homegrown model the province can use — and it sprang from the cod moratorium imposed 30 years ago.”
TAGS: long-term care facilities, depression, Canadian Mental Health Association, Mount Sinai Hospital