Daily Media Digest August 4, 2023

Clinical research thrives in Montreal’s West Island
McGill Health e-News
“The MUHC Vaccine Study Centre has been conducting top quality vaccine and epidemiological research studies for more than 30 years. Located in suburban Pierrefonds, Québec, the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Vaccine Study Centre (VSC) has been dedicated to providing excellence in clinical research services…”
TAGS: clinical research, vaccines, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC)

Manitoba government selects March of Dimes Canada as vendor for Manitoba Seniors Home Modification Grant program
NewsRelease Manitoba
“…chosen March of Dimes Canada (MODC) to provide services under the recently announced Manitoba Seniors Home Modification Grant program that will allow older Manitobans to safely age in their homes and communities for as long as they choose, Seniors and Long-term Care Minister Scott Johnston announced today.”
TAGS: seniors, Manitoba, March of Dimes Canada

Canadian Association of Optometrists Joins GMAC
Review of Myopia Management
“The Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) has a new member… reach into the Canadian eye care professionals’ sector, whose role is vital to successfully raising awareness and promoting action to address childhood myopia as a treatable disease.”
TAGS: myopia, vision health, Canadian Association of Optometrists

VIDO receives significant CIHR support for research into emerging coronaviruses
“Over the last 20 years, three known pathogenic coronaviruses have emerged in humans… causing significant morbidity and mortality. The frequency of these outbreaks/pandemics, and their impact on human health, highlights the need for continued research into tools…”
TAGS: coronavirus, research funding, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO)