Daily Media Digest August 8, 2022

Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound, awakens stem cells to repair damaged muscle
“A new study published in the journal Science reveals a unique form of cell communication that controls muscle repair.”
TAGS: muscle regeneration, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa

Exercising to keep breast cancer from coming back

“The endorphin rush and reduction in hormone therapy side effects from physical fitness could help patients stick to their medication.”
TAGS: breast cancer, hormone therapy, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute

First national cannabis trial for cancer symptoms being re-opened

BC Cancer
“The trial, which is recruiting patients and cancer survivors, will evaluate the use of cannabis oils for cancer-related symptom management.”
TAGS: medical cannabis oil, cancer-related symptoms, BC Cancer, Provincial Health Services Authority

York research team works to advance new therapies for neuromuscular disease

“A team of researchers at York University will work to develop novel therapies that treat muscle weakness in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).”
TAGS: neuromuscular disease research, Muscular Dystrophy Canada, York University

U of M researchers collaborating on across Canada COVID study

Winnipeg CTV News
“Two researchers at the University of Manitoba are collaborating with colleagues across Canada to study new COVID-19 variants and find solutions to help curb them.”
TAGS: antiviral drugs, COVID-19, national research program, University of Manitoba

Stem Cell Network Launches a New National Research Funding Competition

HRI Portal
“This new competition will support world-class, translational, regenerative medicine research, across the research continuum for the 2023-2025 period to facilitate health, social and economic benefits for Canadians.”
TAGS: regenerative medicine, national research funding, Stem Cell Network