Daily Media Digest August 9, 2022

With skin cancer rates soaring, we need new protection strategies
TMU News
“They average six times the recommended maximum sun exposure, with some workers facing twenty times the recommended maximum sun exposure.”
TAGS: skin cancers, Canadian research, Toronto Metropolitan University

New diabetes monitor can detect glucose levels using breath
Waterloo News
“A next-generation diabetes monitor that analyses breath might soon mean no more needle pricks to check blood sugar levels.”
TAGS: diabetes, innovative research, University of Waterloo

More than a third of Canadian households got COVID-19 after restrictions lifted, poll finds
Global News
“More than a third of Canadian households have been impacted by COVID-19 since public health measures were lifted where they live, a new survey has found.”
TAGS: vaccination, COVID-19, municipal government

Cells able to talk to themselves for a better immune response
“…sheds new light on the ability of cells to contribute more effectively to the body’s immune response through internal communication.”
TAGS: immune response, Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM), Université de Montréal

CIHR contributes over $2.5 million in new funding for health research at SFU Faculty of Science
SFU News
“Health research involving researchers at Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Science is getting a boost thanks to new Project Grant funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).”
TAGS: melanoma, Batten disease, Simon Fraser University, Canadian Institutes of Health Research