Daily Media Digest December 1, 2023

Researchers help unravel brain processes involved in vision
“A long-standing theory suggests the brain learns a predictive model of the world and its internal predictions are updated when incoming sensory data proves them wrong.”
KEYWORDS: brain health, vision, York University

Cracking the Code of Cellular Health: Dr. Vocadlo’s Pioneering Research
“GlycoNet Investigator’s discovery provides insight into a vital cellular process that could be leveraged to unlock new therapeutic pathways for neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.”
KEYWORDS: cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, innovative research, GlycoNet, Simon Fraser University

Meet Pediatric HAL, the world’s most advanced pediatric patient simulator
IWK Health
“Simulation is crucial in the health care environment. Continuous learning, and deliberate practice with simulation allows health care professionals to enhance their skills and …”
KEYWORDS: pediatric health, education, IWK Health, Nova Scotia Health, Dalhousie University

Study quantifies plastic waste from peritoneal dialysis across BC
BC Renal
“The polypropylene is the thin plastic covering that you peel away and it’s very light. You would think that maybe just a couple of kilograms are used each year – but across Canada it really adds up …”
KEYWORDS: health care, kidney disease, BC Renal, Provincial Health Services Authority

By the numbers: Who gets lung cancer?
Johnson & Johnson
“The “typical” patient is no longer so typical. Smokers, in other words, aren’t the only people at risk. Anyone who has a family history of the …”
KEYWORDS: cancer, respiratory health, medtech, Johnson & Johnson

How an Ontario app is providing mental health support for first responders
Global News
“Launched in May, close to 30 organizations across Canada have implemented the program and use it as a supplement to support programs, adding a segment of therapy that was missing.”
KEYWORDS: mental health, first responders, McMaster University