Daily Media Digest December 11

Kingston Herald
“Queen’s University reported this month that a research team has discovered that a natural toxin found in ocean-dwelling marine sponges has a …”
TAGS: metastatic cancer, treatment


The Globe and Mail
“… to decide if this is the right test,” said Dr. Del Giudice, who also works as a family physician based at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.”
TAGS: breast cancer, screening guidelines, mammogram


“A new University of Calgary study has linked a common sports injury with osteoarthritis. The two-year study by the Faculty of Kinesiology focused on …”
TAGS: sports injury, osteoarthritis, study


McGill Newsroom
“While studying human brain tumour cells, a team of scientists at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) found some …”
TAGS: brain cancer, oncogenetics, cell-to-cell communication


Dal News
“Dr. Latimer has appointments in the Faculty of Health, the Faculty of Medicine, and the IWK Health Centre. The study looked at data on 2631 First …”
TAGS: pain, Indigenous, children


“The neuropsychiatrist at McMaster University and his colleague Dr. Sztramko, a geriatrician, both found short meetings with family members or other …”
TAGS: Dementia, caregivers, online support, education


CTV News
“The new Gender-Based Violence Knowledge Centre, which will collect and analyze data, was announced at Western University on Monday. Part of a …”
TAGS: gender-based violence, national strategy, research hub, Maryam Monsef


Dal News
“On November 30, researchers from the Faculty of Health and leaders from the Nova Scotia Health Authority launched ACCESS (Activating Cancer …”
TAGS: cancer research, exercise, treatment, cross-sector partnership