Daily Media Digest December 10, 2019

Secret behind diabetes drug’s benefits revealed
McMaster University
“A multi-year study led by a collaboration of McMaster’s basic science and clinical researchers has found that metformin induces the expression and secretion of a protein called growth differentiating factor 15, or GDF15.”
TAGS: diabetes, metformin, cardiac health

Scientists identify the origin and evolution of famous concept devised in neurobiology
News Medical Life Sciences
“Eye-opening research by neurosurgeons from Barrow Neurological Institute and Montreal Neurological Institute has produced the foremost investigation of the origin and evolution of perhaps the most famous concept devised in neurobiology–the homunculus of neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield.”
TAGS: neurobiology, homunculus, neurosurgery

UBC and Interior Health research explores use of virtual reality in stroke rehabilitation

UBC Faculty of Medicine
“A new pilot project with the Faculty of Medicine Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management (CCDPM), Interior Health, and the Kelowna […]”
TAGS: virtual reality, stroke, rehabilitation

Hypnosis used to reduce kids’ pain, anxiety at Montreal Children’s Hospital

“Koraly is one of about 80 pediatric patients who participated in what is being touted as a successful pilot project at the Children’s — the use of medical […]”
TAGS: hypnosis, anxiety, child and youth health

U of S leads study on service animals for veterans with PTSD

“The University of Saskatchewan is leading a program that focuses on helping veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”
TAGS: PTSD, animal-assisted therapy, veteran health