Daily Media Digest December 14, 2022

Canadian-Led Immunotherapies in Cancer (CLIC) program inspires innovative CAR-T trial in Denmark
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
“CAR-T therapy is a groundbreaking cancer treatment that involves genetically engineering a patient’s own immune cells to attack their cancer.”
TAGS: cancer, CAR-T therapy, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, BC Cancer, BioCanRx

Researchers investigate the impact of climate change on mental health
University Affairs
“Kiffer Card of Simon Fraser University sees universities having a role to play in understanding the full dimension of eco-anxiety.”
TAGS: climate change, mental health, Simon Fraser University, Memorial University, University of Alberta

The Secret to Healthy Aging – A giant sugar wave called glycomics
HRI Portal
“You’ve probably heard all about the genomics revolution; but as game-changing as it’s been to science, to our innovation economy, and to health, a new force is coming over the horizon that holds even greater power …”
TAGS: glycomics, aging, Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Program, GlycoNet

Carleton U and Ottawa Hospital: Researchers are using a robotic arm to improve outcomes in orthopaedic surgery
Ottawa Business Journal
“Together they created the Ottawa Orthopaedic Biomechanical Laboratory with the goal of improving orthopaedic implants and surgical repairs, with Carleton investing $140,000 into the $560,000 lab.”
TAGS: orthopaedic surgery, Canadian innovation, Carleton University, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Should you believe your eyes? Not necessarily in virtual reality says new study
Western News – Western University
“A research team, led by Canada Research Chair in Immersive Neuroscience Jody Culham, presented study participants with a variety of familiar …”
TAGS: virtual reality, neuroscience, Canadian research, Western University