Daily Media Digest December 16, 2019

IWK program helps youth with chronic illness navigate the system
“Nova Scotia’s health care system isn’t easy for young adults trying to […] The IWK Health Centre’s workshop series is aimed at youth aged 13 to 15 who […]”
TAGS: children and youth health, chronic illness, health program

Researchers create new plastic wrap that even fends off deadly superbugs

CTV News
“[…] developed by a team of scientists can prevent bacteria and viruses from sticking and proliferating on its surface, McMaster University said on Friday.”
TAGS: superbugs, preventative methods, community health

Why are female test subjects still being excluded from exercise research?

The Globe and Mail
“For example, a study published this month in Sports Medicine by University of Calgary researchers Candela Diaz-Canestro and David Montero […]”
TAGS: female subjects, kinesiology, exercise research

Healthy Aging: Maintaining them bones

Canadian Jewish News (blog)
“Osteoporosis Canada (OC) generally recommends 1,000-2,000 international units a day for women over the age of 50. Calcium is also important, as it […]”
TAGS: osteoporosis, bone health, healthy aging

Napping has been redeemed by health experts, but don’t overdo it

“Research shows it can do everything from boosting your immune system to […] Despite the health benefits of napping, researchers have found a nap […]”
TAGS: sleep, health benefits, napping

Does sugar raise blood pressure? It depends where it comes from, U of T researchers say

“Combined data from over two dozen nutrition studies show that while sugar-sweetened drinks are linked to elevated blood pressure, healthier foods […]”
TAGS: sugar, diet, healthy eating