Daily Media Digest December 22, 2017

MetroNews Canada
“”The public health crisis of prescription drug misuse has developed in part due to the prescribing of physicians,” the current guidelines state. … Mary Marlow, manager of Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)’s mental health and substance use programs, said ideally doctors could refer more patients to …”
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Winnipeg Free Press
“Adult Métis living in urban areas are hospitalized at twice the rate of non-Aboriginal adults for conditions such as diabetes and asthma, a new report by Statistics Canada says. Using linked 2006 census and hospital data, the study of 18- to 74-year-olds in census metropolitan areas who identified as …”
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Saskatoon StarPhoenix
““Through this project we will be able to show just how much resilience, strengths and assets there are in Indigenous communities,” said Carrie Bourassa, scientific director of CIHR’s Institute of Aboriginal People’s Health in a statement. “Given that it is implementation research, hopefully they are going to …”
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McGill University Health Center
“Dr. Louise Pilote, Professor of Medicine at McGill University and a senior scientist from the Cardiovascular Health Across the Lifespan Program at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, is one of two recipients of the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) Excellence Award for Sex and …”
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McGill Reporter
“In April 2017, Canada’s Fundamental Science Review Panel, under the leadership of former University of Toronto President David Naylor, released its report, and with it, a call-to-action: Canadians must make the case for why Canada’s research ecosystem urgently needs to be re-funded and revitalized. “
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The Conversation CA
“In 1958 at the University of Western Ontario, a scientist named Robert Noble extracted, from the Madagascar periwinkle plant, the first compound to prevent chromosomes from separating during cell division and thereby prevent cancer cells from proliferating. A pharmaceutical company in the United … “
TAGS: fundamental science review, support for research


National Post
“When someone has their hip replaced they must learn to walk again, said Dr. Peter Giacobbe, a Toronto psychiatrist at the University Health Network who works with DBS patients and worked closely with Kathryn. It’s the same with surgery for depression, “these people need to learn how to rebuild their … “
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Edmonton Journal
“The super lab would allow more health tests to be done more quickly, as well as include technology for new tests, currently done outside of the province. Right now, lab services in Edmonton are provided by a combination of Alberta Health Services labs, Covenant Health and private-sector DynaLife.”
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Canada NewsWire (press release)-20 hours ago
“”Our government is committed to eliminating HIV and AIDS as global public health threats. The important research and community-based projects like the ones put in place by the AIDS Committee of Newfoundland and Labrador reflect our renewed focus on supporting evidence-based prevention, reducing stigma and …”
TAGS: HIV , Newfoundland, public health


Globalnews.ca-15 hours ago
“Edmonton might be best-known for Connor McDavid and Wayne Gretzky, but our city also has superstars in the medical field. When it comes to new technology, treatments and research, Edmonton minds often lead the way in Canada and sometimes even the world. From snap-on ears and noses to scalpel-free surgeries, …”
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UCalgary News-14 hours ago
“Until recently, doctors had no way to know which patients were most at risk of long-term complications. Through research, James and his colleagues developed a risk assessment tool that can now be used in Alberta hospitals to guide subsequent care. “We don’t want to miss the people who will have long-term kidney health …”
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The Globe and Mail-15 hours ago
“Recently, Health Canada approved a pilot project by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control that is a polar opposite approach from what I, a user of illicit drugs, lived through and experienced. Instead of restricting … This wasn’t my research, it was my real life: I used opioids like Oxycontin and fentanyl daily. When I …”
TAGS: opiod crisis, access saved my life