Daily Media Digest December 6, 2023

A strategic partnership of $1.2M for ovarian cancer treatments
Cancer Research Society (CRS)
“This strategic partnership mobilizes a significant amount of $1.2 million to fund two research projects of $600,000 each over a three-year period.”
KEYWORDS: cancer, women’s health, Cancer Research Society (CRS), Ovarian Cancer Canada

Platelet Power: Stemming the Tide of Canada’s Blood Supply Shortage
Carleton University
“Cells that produce platelets need to basically contract and then pinch off a piece of themselves into the bloodstream. It involves generation of force, a change in cell shape and a protrusion …”
KEYWORDS: biomedical research, Banting Research Foundation, Carleton University

Researchers use AI to improve microplastic identification
University of Waterloo
“… could help wastewater treatment plants and food production industries make informed decisions to mitigate the potential impact of microplastics on the environment and human health.”
KEYWORDS: artificial intelligence, environmental health, University of Waterloo

Clearing the Path to Drug Discovery
HRI Portal
“… but this effect would not be detectable with cytometry or genetic sequencing. Microscopy is a powerful tool that can reveal details about drug candidate effects very early in the development pipeline.”
KEYWORDS: drug discovery, medtech, Nikon Canada

Innovating to change the future of cancer
Canadian Cancer Society (CCS)
“… ventures – VoxCell BioInnovation, Integrated Nanotherapeutics and Xpan Inc. – who are using what they learned from the program to solve some of cancer’s biggest problems.”
KEYWORDS: cancer, Canadian Cancer Society, VoxCell BioInnovation, Integrated Nanotherapeutics, Xpan Inc.

Eating disorder hospitalizations among boys increased 416 per cent over 17 years: Canadian study
CTV News
“Our study found that increasing numbers of pediatric eating disorder patients with … Dr. Sarah Smith, an attending physician in the department of psychiatry at SickKids Hospital and an ICES trainee, said in a press release.”
KEYWORDS: pediatric health, mental health, Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), ICES