Daily Media Digest February 13, 2024

Beyond commercialization to the full societal impact of research
The Hill Times
“To address big national issues, we need a broader approach that incentivises and supports the mobilization and translation of all the knowledge generated by Canadian researchers to all sectors of the economy and society.”
KEYWORDS: Canadian research, funding, Research Impact Canada, York University

Beyond the Magic of Mushrooms: Using Psychedelic Derivatives to Treat Depression
Carleton University
“Psychedelics appear to reverse some of the damage that chronic stress causes, which enables the brain to be more resilient and better respond to the challenges we face in our lives …”
KEYWORDS: depression, mental health, neuroscience, Carleton University

Leaving the Lab: Tracking the Decline in AMR R&D Professionals
AMR Industry Alliance
“This disturbing trend has been exacerbated by the broken market for antimicrobials, a lack of investment in the field, and loss of expertise due to job changes and retirements.”
KEYWORDS: antimicrobial resistance, brain drain, AMR Industry Alliance, GSK Canada

Baycrest Senior Scientist awarded important CIHR grant for research on the impact of depression treatment on caregiver brain health
“This research is particularly significant considering caregivers of people who live with dementia are at greater risk of developing depression which may, in turn, reduce their ability to provide care.”
KEYWORDS: aging, funding, mental health, Baycrest, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Ask an expert: How can I alleviate headaches and migraines?
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
“Aboriginal, First Nations & Native American … Indigenous partners to support improved access to quality and culturally appropriate health care …”
KEYWORDS: headache, pain management, stroke, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute