Daily Media Digest February 17, 2021

McMaster University prepping for its own COVID-19 vaccine trials
Toronto Sun
“McMaster University is working on its own COVID-19 vaccine — including one that can be inhaled instead of injected — with hopes of a clinical trial to …”
TAGS: COVID-19, vaccine development, vaccine trials, innovative research, McMaster University

Interferon speeds recovery in some COVID-19 patients, U of T and UHN study finds
“… of medicine in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at U of T and a liver specialist at the Toronto Centre for Liver Disease, University Health Network.”
TAGS: COVID-19, interferon treatment, infectious disease, treatment options, University Health Network

5 Weird Ways The Pandemic Is Messing With Your Sleep
HuffPost Canada
“… director of clinical sleep research at The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health and co-director of the sleep laboratory at the University of Ottawa’s School …”
TAGS: pandemic, COVID-19, mental health, sleep health, The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health

Why healthy aging must be the upshot of COVID-19 pandemic
“In a recently published article in the Hill Times, CFN Scientific Director, John Muscedere, stresses the importance of supporting policies on healthy aging. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has unfairly categorized all older Canadians as vulnerable, however, many older adults make significant contributions to our communities and economy. Keeping them healthy and engaged benefits all Canadians.”
TAGS: aging population, healthy aging, pandemic, frailty, COVID-19, Canadian Frailty Network

Walking patterns could predict type of cognitive decline
Western News
“A new study by a Canadian research team, led by London researchers from Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute evaluated the …”
TAGS: cognitive decline, aging population, walking pattern, Western University, Lawson Health Research Institute

Collaboration Is Key to Success in Rare Disease Research and Development
Health Insight
“One in 12 Canadians, two thirds of them children, are affected by a rare disease. But because each rare disease affects only a small number of individuals, awareness, research, and expertise are limited.”
TAGS: rare disease, research and development, innovative research, Pfizer Canada

2020 Leadership in Advocacy Award Virtual Award Presentation
HRI Portal
Please join us at a virtual event to celebrate the 2020 Leadership in Advocacy Award Winners, Dr. Ingrid Waldron and HealthCareCAN.
Date: February 23, 2021
Time: 3:00 – 3:30 PM ET