Daily Media Digest February 2, 2024

Health team focuses on changing ‘risk culture’ to improve lives of older adults living with frailty and dementia
Nova Scotia Health
“Older adults living with frailty are three times more likely to be hospitalized for 30 or more days and two times more likely to be re-admitted 30 days following discharge …”
KEYWORDS: aging, dementia, Nova Scotia Health

Better diagnosing diseases with the help of AI
University of Waterloo
“Researchers improve the trustworthiness of medical imaging diagnoses with innovative three-stage system powered by AI … and melanoma using artificial intelligence (AI) tools.”
KEYWORDS: artificial intelligence, cancer, respiratory health, University of Waterloo

JDRF Canada announces new projects supported by the Mental Health and T1D Community Grants
JDRF Canada
“Mental wellness is central to living well with T1D, but we hear from our community time and time again that there is just not enough support for mental health and diabetes within or outside of the health care system …”
KEYWORDS: diabetes, funding, mental health, JDRF Canada

Immune responses to gut bacteria linked to onset of type one diabetes
The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)
“SickKids scientists identify antibody responses to gut bacteria that are associated with time to onset and responses to immunotherapy of for type one diabetes …”
KEYWORDS: diabetes, pediatric health, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)

New funding connecting children and youth in southeastern Ontario to care close to home
Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC)
“The Ontario government has announced that it is investing over $1.7 million in Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) to increase access to pediatric services for children and youth in the region, so they …”
KEYWORDS: funding, health care, pediatric health, Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC)