Daily Media Digest February 20, 2018

EurekAlert (press release)
“Identifying frailty in surgical patients, especially those without apparent disability, will help predict risk of adverse events and repeat hospitalizations, according to research in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). Few studies have looked at the risk of further health care use associated with …”
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McGill Newsroom
“The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital – The Neuro – is a world-leading destination for brain research and advanced patient care. Since its founding in 1934 … and teaching institute. The Montreal Neurological Hospital is part of the Neuroscience Mission of the McGill University Health Centre.”
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““The most important finding is that you cannot judge your patient’s fitness or health by simply looking at their body weight,” Jennifer L. Kuk, PhD, associate professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health Science at York University in Toronto, told Endocrine Today. “Your patients can be physically …”
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“Thirty-six million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. In Canada, 25,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Those sobering numbers have researchers around the globe racing to come up with new ways to help the brain fend off memory loss. From simple mental exercises …”
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CTV News
“Ottawa has announced a new fund to connect all Canadian brain scientists. Fifteen universities across the country doing research into the hundreds of different types of brain diseases and disorders will join the $10 million platform. The Brain Canada Foundation said the federal funding will allow the …”
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PR Newswire (press release)
“”A dream comes true of bringing a smart and portable device for molecular diagnostics that can replace routine culture methods, giving better performance and much more rapid turnaround times,” commented Prof Dr Michel G. Bergeron, from Université Laval and Founder of GenePOC. About revogene …”
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“With its wave of new doctors, Goderich now has a healthy staff level, which is allowing the community’s family doctors to diversify. They can work in the hospital, they can teach or they can do research at Gateway, a rural health research facility created to make the area even more appealing to physicians.”
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CTV News
“The military’s openness to alternatives is “because the need is so great there,” said Emmeline Edwards of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, a federal scientific research agency. “Perhaps some of the approaches have been used without a strong evidence base. They’re more …”
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The Conversation CA
“Our research at the University of Calgary and the University of Toronto shows that siblings, like parents, can have a dramatic impact on one another’s development. We’ve found, for example, that warmth and support from an older sibling can help boost the younger sibling’s language development and …”
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EurekAlert (press release)
“The research, published online in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, was led by Dr. Philip Marsden, a clinician scientist in the Keenan Research … This study received funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health and the Canada First Research Excellence Project.”
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McGill Tribune
“On Feb. 8, Anthony Phalen, a strategic partner development manager at the company DeepMind came to McGill to present a talk on Deep Learning (DL), as part of SUS Academia Week 2018. DeepMind is a London-based artificial intelligence (AI) company with a research centre located in Montreal. “
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Net Newsledger
“If this is the case, you could be suffering from diabetes. Sugar build up through raised glucose levels could increase cavity-causing bacterial growth even if you’ve never had a cavity before in your life. If you find that you’re suddenly suffering from increased sensitivity or pain, it’s time to visit the dentist …”
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EurekAlert (press release)-8 hours ago
“”This was the first study that examined youth with psychiatric disorder by comparing what type of service they were receiving and whether that was associated with self-concept,” said Mark Ferro, the Canada Research Chair in Youth Mental Health and an assistant professor in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at …”
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