Daily Media Digest February 21, 2020

U of T researchers show how a protein found in cardiac muscle helps prevent heart failure
“… who is also a scientist at Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, University Health Network. “Deciphering the complex layers of heart function …”
TAGS: cardiac health, innovative research, heart disease

USask senior leaders take wellness to heart
University of Saskatchewan
“Chad enlisted the help of personal trainer Gray Ferguson, who she initially thought she would work with for six months to help refocus on her physical and mental wellness.”
TAGS: wellness, physical health, cardiorespiratory health

USask pediatric residency program begins in Regina
University of Saskatchewan
“In July, two pediatric residents started their training at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) College of Medicine Regina campus, where roughly 30 per cent of all USask medical students train each year.”
TAGS: pediatric medicine, residency program

Promising results in a Global Phase III Stroke Trial, fueled by UHN Research
“A new study published in the journal The Lancet and presented at the International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles, shows strong promise for efficacy of a drug called nerinetide (NA-1), the first neuroprotective therapeutic agent in the world to demonstrate improvement in the functional and mortality outcomes of patients with acute stroke, which occurs when there is a blockage in an artery that supplies blood to the brain.”
TAGS: stroke, neuroprotective therapeutic agent, innovative treatment

Faculties of Science and Health launch undergraduate Neuroscience program
York University
“That’s why the Faculties of Health and Science have joined forces to create an interdisciplinary undergraduate Neuroscience program at York University.”
TAGS: undergraduate program, neuroscience, interdisciplinary research

Stay safe while sick and living with type 2 diabetes
Diabetes Canada
“In this webinar, Susie Jin will provide insight into the strategies for individuals living with diabetes to staying safe while you are sick. Susie will cover how to prevent low blood sugars, what do if you are using insulin and the importance of being vaccinated for the influenza virus.”
TAGS: diabetes, chronic illness, influenza