Daily Media Digest February 22, 2024

JDRF Canada and Sanofi Canada partner to raise awareness about autoimmune type 1 diabetes and the critical role of screening in its early detection
Sanofi Canada
“JDRF and Sanofi Canada are announcing a partnership aimed at amplifying awareness around type 1 diabetes (T1D), a chronic autoimmune condition, and the role screening could play in the early detection of this disease.”
KEYWORDS: diabetes, JDRF Canada, Sanofi Canada

Lori Burrows: A microbiologist who has closely studied bacteria and antibiotic resistance
McMaster University
“There is really no good to way to treat these patients other than with conventional antibiotics and because these infections are never completely resolved, people with CF are repeatedly …”
KEYWORDS: antimicrobial resistance (AMR), artificial intelligence, cystic fibrosis, McMaster University

Breakthrough in managing liver-related autoimmune disease
University Health Network
“A UHN-led clinical trial is making important waves in the fight against primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), offering hope to those living with this progressive and often debilitating condition with no known cure.”
KEYWORDS: Canadian research, clinical trial, University Health Network

Researchers seek clues to how monkeypox virus may infiltrate brain cells
University of Alberta
“University of Alberta team first to examine possible pathway for neurological symptoms associated with global outbreak of mpox disease …”
KEYWORDS: brain health, monkeypox virus, University of Alberta

Stress is higher for women in long-term relationships
Université de Montréal
“In long-time couples, women are more affected than men by the cumulative effects of stress as measured by the physiological indicator known as allostatic load, a U.S.-Canada study suggests …”
KEYWORDS: mental health, women’s health, Université de Montréal

Virtual Event: Rare Diseases in Canada Hosted by the Honourable Senator Marie-Françoise Mégie | February 27, 2024
Research Canada
“This gathering, held in celebration of Rare Disease Day 2024, brings together leading researchers, health innovation stakeholders, and policy makers to shine a spotlight on the impact sustained research and innovation can have. With the event host the Honourable Senator Marie-Françoise Mégie and special guest the Honourable Senator Mohamed-Iqbal Ravalia, this promises to be an engaging event you won’t want to miss.”