Daily Media Digest February 26, 2021

The Ottawa Hospital manufactures COVID-19 vaccines for clinical trials
HRI Portal
“The Ottawa Hospital’s Biotherapeutics Manufacturing Centre (BMC) is manufacturing three COVID-19 vaccines for human clinical trials, filling a critical gap in Canada’s vaccine manufacturing capacity.”
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COVID patients supported with virtual care and remote home monitoring
Hamilton Health Sciences
“Patients receive a health kit that includes a tablet computer and data plan, blood pressure monitor, oximeter and digital thermometer. They record their vital signs daily from the comfort of their own homes, which are sent instantly to a nurse at the hospital’s virtual command centre.”
TAGS: COVID-19, virtual care, home monitoring, Hamilton Health Sciences

Is a single COVID-19 vaccine dose enough for those previously infected?
Global News
“As coronavirus vaccines continue to roll out to vulnerable populations across Canada, health officials are looking at data about the effectiveness of a single dose in preventing COVID-19 illness.”
TAGS: COVID-19, vaccine, vulnerable populations, Queen’s University

Halifax researchers participate in pilot study to treat patients with Fabry disease
“… and a senior scientist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network in Ontario (who is now with the Medical College of Wisconsin).”
TAGS: innovative research, genetic condition, rare disease, Fabry disease, University Health Network, IWK health centre

I study viruses: How our team isolated the new coronavirus to fight the global pandemic
McMaster University – Brighter World
“Ultimately two teams in Canada would isolate the virus for study: one at the University of Saskatchewan and one that featured researchers from McMaster University, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the University of Toronto.”
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Government of Canada invests in first‑of‑its‑kind research study on the health impacts of inactivity
Dal News
“Dr. Olga Theou, Canada Research Chair and an assistant professor in Physiotherapy and Geriatric Medicine, is the lead of one of the CIHR funded …”
TAGS: inactivity, health outcomes, innovative research